2016 Board of Directors

Commodore Dan McCarthy 563-6919(C)
Vice Commodore Lee Buchanan 539-3015(H) or 371-6069(C)
Rear Commodore Vacant  
Secretary Gavin Andrews 304-0179
Treasurer Vacant  
Fleet Captain Dan McCarthy 563-6919(C)
Directors Vince Boutilier 562-0467
  Lenny Burke 539-5534
  Ross Jenkins 562-2280
  Dan MacDonald 562-7096
  Doug Milburn 567-9885
Members are encouraged to approach any member of the Board of Directors
with any concerns they may have regarding the Club.

Members are entitled to attend Board Meetings to present their concerns or to gain
information related to Club operations, by making a request to the Commodore.

Chair Positions
Bar Lenny Burke
House & Grounds Lenny Burke
Education/Training ?
Planning Committee ?