The Dobson Yacht Club Burgee

DYC Burgee
Burgee Registry Logo

Our Club is indebted to Hans Weber for the design of our Burgee.

As Hans explained it, the design grew out of a need to have an unique burgee without images or letters which would appear 'backwards' on the reverse side, thus permitting single-sided printing and avoiding the unnecessary expense of a sewn-together burgee.

The lion is taken from the shield on Nova Scotia's Coat-of-Arms, and given a more nautical appearance by supporting an anchor, symbolic of the anchor which the Club is to its members. The tail is split into two portions representing the 'ragbaggers' and the 'stinkpotters', signifying the good-natured rivalry between the two camps in our Club. The blue border and white background are also taken from the shield, and Nova Scotia's flag.